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Sept. 28, 2024 - Event - Sept. 28, 2024 - Event - Sept. 28, 2024 - Event - Sept. 28, 2024

Platinum Years Gala

4875 Harrison Street San Francisco, CA 94132 USA Location: San Francisco Convention Center

Award Ceremony’24 |

Platinum Years Gala

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“Investing in startups based in foreign countries presents a unique opportunity to tap into untapped markets and unlock the potential for exponential growth. By diversifying our investment portfolio across borders, we gain access to a wealth of innovative ideas”

John Wallsh

Founder of the business development fund, President Marketing Strategy Group

Special guests

Get ready to be inspired by the unparalleled experience of an extraordinary lineup of speakers, each a luminary in the world of extended reality

Sebastian Thomas

Nebula Tech Enterprises, AU

President of Innovation Leadership

Samuel Thornton

BioTech Ventures, US

Ambassador of Strategic Vision

Aidan Whitehouse

Cyberspace Dynamics Group, US

Chief Advisor - AI & Innovation

Keira Dyer

TerraForge Sustainable Energy, UK

Sovereign Statesman

Tegan Gough

Solution Company, AU

Queen of the Financial Realm

Luke Clayton

Horizon Financial Nexus, UK

Architect of High Achievements

Katherine Noble

Gen Health Systems, DE

Leader of Social Change

Zachary Morrison

Galactic NanoSynthetics, FR

Renowned Stage Artist

Award categories

Challenges in IoT and Embedded Systems Testing + Masterclass

Conducting testing in cloud environments: challenges & benefits

Test Data Management: data generation, masking, compliance

Testing mobile apps and ensuring cross-browser compatibility

Cover the principles and practices of TDD and BDD.

Testing mobile apps and ensuring cross-browser compatibility

Leadership skills and strategies for managing QA projects

Test Automation ROI: Calculate and present the return on investment

Code Quality and Static Analysis

Joel Franklin
Solution Company, US
Chief Executive Officer
Sienna Gould
Tech Arch, FR
Head of Corporate Communications
Kian Collier
Tecony, UK
Director of Media Relations
Laura Norris
TechSup, UK
Chief Innovation Officer
Daniel Butler
Company Tech, AT
Managing Director
Michele E. Macias
Solution Company, AU
Brand Communications Director
Leon Welch
Neon, DE
Public Affairs Director
Mia Abbott
DriversQA Company, BE
Danielle O. Pearce
Techny Com, US
Chief Growth Officer
Cristopher Hudson
Quoter Tech, DK
Product Marketing Manager
Madison Page
Solution Company, AU
Chief Creative Officer (CCO)
Charlie Ball
Neon, DE
Vice President of Marketing
Summer Kirby
DriversQA Company, BE
Social Media Strategist
Lauren Walters
Techny Com, US
Public Affairs Director
Jonathan Hargreaves
Quoter Tech, DK
Director of Digital Marketing

Gala concert

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